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Our main goal is to deliver the best ingredient sourcing experience to our customers. For this, we base all our actions on 4 pillars:


Vitamins & Nutrients Premixes

Bring Solutions offers Vitamins & Nutrients premix solutions tailored to your products. We customize the premix according to your demands ensuring homogeneity and stability in the final application.

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Dairy Proteins

We have a complete portfolio of dairy proteins: from milk and whey; concentrated, isolated and hydrolyzed; caseinates, among others, which meet the demand of different markets in supplements, beverages, food and pet food. Including stable clear protein solution in translucent, low pH applications.

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Redulce - Sweeteners

Our technical team will strive for the best sweetness balance for your formulation, bringing the least impact on the organoleptic characteristics of your product and reducing cost in sugar replacement.

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Plant Based Proteins

Understanding the growing consumer demand for plant-based products, Bring Solutions has a complete line of proteins for a wide range of food, beverage, supplement and pet food applications.

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Taste And Flavors

We have a complete product portfolio and a specialized team prepared to harmonize and balance the attributes of your product, enhancing the sensory experience of end consumers.

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More than just a salt reduction solution, we offer technical support for recomposing all the organoleptic characteristics of the product, such as taste, texture, color, together with the perception of salty taste.

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Pet Food

We are constantly seeking the development of solutions and ingredients for the fortification of products for animal nutrition.

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Bring Solutions, committed to the safety and quality of our products, carefully selects our partner network:


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