Bring Solutions

About Us

Who is Bring Solutions?

Bring Solutions produces and sells innovative ingredient solutions in a customized, fast and secure manner to add value to our customers' business in the food, beverage, supplement, pharmaceutical and pet food markets.

our history

Bring Solutions was born from the entrepreneurial vision of its founders who recognized a great opportunity to meet market demands in an innovative, customized, fast and efficient way. It came from the desire to want to do more and better, always. How to deliver the best experience to our customers? This has always motivated us to build everything that is part of Bring with great excellence and care.

Our main concern has always been to select the best ingredients and to form a highly specialized team that is committed to our purpose: to create innovative solutions that have a great impact on the business of all stakeholders (suppliers, partners and customers) with agility, fluidity and safety. We work to transform knowledge into new solutions and services. We are always ready to face a new challenge.

Our Mission

To deliver the best ingredient sourcing experience for our customers to innovate quickly, reliably and safely through products that contribute to the happiness, health and well-being of end consumers.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the best supplier of ingredients solutions in the Brazilian market, in nutrition and health, through enduring partnerships that enable continuous and sustainable growth in all our relationships.

Our Values

  • Nutrition and healthiness
  • Appreciation and recognition of our talents
  • Continuously foster innovation for our customers
  • Satisfaction of our customers throughout the productive and creative process
  • Agility and fluidity in actions
  • Customization of products and services
  • To build long-term partnership
  • Innovation in complete solutions


We have a highly specialized team focused on delivering the best solutions to our customers' demands. We offer end-to-end service. From brainstorming to product launches, our team is ready to provide all the support you need to streamline the process with quality, expertise and safety.


Our team is ready to provide all the technical, scientific and regulatory support to make the process of new product development and reformulation more transparent, faster and hassle-free.


We are committed to ensuring safety, quality and reliability at all stages of the process, meeting all requirements of applicable law.

Customer Service

Our sales team is ready to serve our customers efficiently, ensuring that the entire process flows quickly and transparently.

Our Facilities

Our headquarters is strategically located in Cotia, Greater São Paulo area. In an industrial and logistic hub, a few kilometers from the largest capital of Brazil and with close access to major highways that connect us to the rest of the country.

On this location are our factory, warehouse, laboratories and all commercial and administrative structure.

Bring Solutions has modern and fully equipped laboratories. We are prepared for research, development and trials of solutions and products for various applications.

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