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Bring Solutions, committed to the safety and quality of our products, carefully selects our partner network:

Milk Specialties

US company and one of the global leaders in dairy products, especially focused on developing and creating new products and specialties in the segment. It has a wide range of concentrates, hydrolysates and protein isolates from milk and whey, for various applications in food, beverages and supplements.


One of the leading companies in the flavor segment, the Japanese multinational invests in innovation and research to serve the food and beverage markets with excellence.

Litho Life

Extracted from certified organic seaweed Lithothamnion sp., the Litholife product has a 100% natural mineral composition. With over 70 minerals in its composition, high calcium content and very high bioavailability, for fortification and enrichment for food, beverages and supplements in general.

Litho Life

Stevia One is proud to operate in one of the world's most innovative Stevia factories located in Peru, where it dominates the entire production process, from planting, growing, harvesting to final processing. The industrial plant has been specially designed to operate with a unique method of extraction and purification based on water, totally free of solvents or alcohol. As a result, we get stevias with superior flavor and sweetness profile.

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